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FLYKE – With Mountain Drive, offering 2.5x the gear range!

Enjoy the comfort and simplicity of this Aircraft and also use it on the road to get to your airfield or plan trips. This trike is famous for crossing whole countries across Europe by flying and cycling over boarders.

Andrew, Poliglide’s CFI, embarked on a 2000km journey from far north NSW down to Bright, Vic, in his Flyke.

You take your tent with you and camp right there where you land and go on the next day. Landing out on a field and cycle to the next gas station. 

With this trike there are no boundaries. Flying + cycling = The Flyke

The Flyke’s seat footrest length is adjustable for pilots of approximately 160 cm to 195 cm and will carry pilots between 60 kg and 100 kg. The frame is made of an aluminium construction which is completely powder coated. The comfortable seat supports your weight while pedaling and flying.

The Nexus 7-Speed-Hub is the standard fitment shift gear and has a transmission range of 244%. In addition, we offer a mountain drive with 2.5x more shift range. Even the steepest hills can be climbed – no matter how much weight you are transporting! The additional gear option cost is $1000.

An aluminium lamp holder is available for the front of the Flyke as an optional accessory. It will hold any standard bicycle lamp (22mm).

A holder for the tail light is also available.

Another useful accessory is the variable rear axle. You can extend each axle side to make the Flyke more stable for launch and prevent rolling. For road use you can easily shorten them again. Both ways you need no tools and is done in a few seconds.

You can comfortably store your wing behind the seat for road use

The handlebar which steers the Flyke’s articulated system for road use is mounted on the right hand side.

Wings suited are Gin Pegasus 2 or Fresh Breeze Relax.


Wheel base ticket can be done on the Flyke.


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