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FRESH BREEZE ThoriX 190 Light


The Thorix 190 is a powerhouse in the “Fly Weight” range.

This engine is low on weight but big on power. The Thorix 190 light has similar thrust values to the Super Thorix but weighs in at just 23kg.

A light weight harness can be added at just 4.4kg

Read below to see how they do it!


The Fresh Breeze team has reduced the weight by setting aside the Balance Shaft and added a modified exhaust system that is perfectly matched to the motor to give stable operation through out the Rev range. Further weight was saved by installing a Poly-V belt transmission that runs quietly and smoothly, with an engine that is air-cooled. All the while maintaining the specialty pilot suspension system of the Thorix line that has made this such a popular motor.

DULV approved.

The Thorix Advantage

During take off and landing the thrust arm is tilted down in relation to the engine. The center of rotation has moved before the center of gravity, making the motor tilt downwards supporting take off and landing.

In flight the thrust arm is horizontal, putting the center of rotation very close to the motor’s center of gravity. The motor unit is not pushing into the pilot’s back anymore.

With the ThoriX centrifugal clutch option , the left thrust arm is tilted outward, while the clutchless models have the right thrust arm tilted outwards. Even on full power the SportiX suspension greatly helps to balance the negative effect of the propeller torque.


Can be ordered with the light harness that weighs in at 4.4kg, with front reserve pocket only.

Standard harness weighs approx. 6.3kg

The transmission can also be ordered with a centrifugal clutch. The propeller then does not rotate at idle. The belt sound at idle is also completely eliminated. This adds only 800 grams to your over all weight.

A Carbon Composite seat board can also be added to the harness, saving 700 grams.

14 Litre fuel tank. Very light and sturdy tank made ​​of high quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic, suitable for all SportiX  motors.

This drive system can be equipped as SportiX, CB or Jettison.

For Technical specs click here


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