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Xtreme 190 extra light paramotor



Light and Powerful!

Product Description

Fresh Breeze Thorix Xtreme 190

The new Fresh Breeze Xtreme engine is the lightest engine that Fresh Breeze produce with big power.

In order to reduce the weight, Polini has fitted a belt transmission making it much lighter, then Fresh Breeze has taken the engine and removed more weight from it to make it even lighter!!

The exhaust is made entirely of titanium at the resonator. It weighs just 1.5 kg complete with rear silencer. Light and aesthetic!

The engine weight with a harness is just 20.8kg. It is therefore ideal as a foot launch system or powerful enough to be fitted to one of our single seated trike.


  • Weight 20.8kgs with harness.

  • Engine 27hp

  • Engine   190cc

  • Fuel economy 3-6ltrs/hrTitanium Exhaust

  • Lightweight cage system.

  • Compact design.

  • With or without Flash Starter.

  • Static Thrust 75kgs.

  • Modified exhaust to protect the exhaust from cracking.

  • Suitable for Fresh Breeze trikes.

  • Suitable for Tandem.

  • Titanium exhaust.

  • Titanium hangpoints.

  • DULV certified.

Weight was conserved over many small points, bringing a big advantage in the end:

The tank is made of polyamide (PA). An extremely robust material. The wall thickness of the tank could be minimized.

 The airbox has given way to an air filter.

 As many screws as possible are made of aluminum.

 Many parts have lost weight by removing material where it is not needed.

The propeller is a new development of Helix. The low mass makes the propeller extremely agile. The engine accelerates amazingly fast.

The seat board is made of CFK

 And much more……..

Titanium exhaust and hangpoint system making the new Xtreme very light!


The one-quickpin solution of the push rods is easy to use and offers great space in the harness.



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