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Icaro 4Fight Visor


Icaro 4Fight helmet Visors fit the entire range of 4Fight Helmets.

Replace your old visor or try another tint in one of the four colour options.

Available in 4 colours: Amber, Clear, Black (blue tint) and Mirror (+$15).

Includes free visor fixing screw system.


4Fight Helmet visors fit to all Icaro 4Fight helmet models, Jet Cut and LT, Integral Cut and LT and the Grid Cut and LT. Includes the fixing system screws free of charge.

Visors are all designed with antifog, antiscratch and have full UV protection.

Note: The mirror visor is very delicate and can scratch easily.

And it’s fine to wear sunglasses under the clear visor.

There’s antifog film on the inside on the visor which makes it tricky to clean/dry, so avoid using a cloth on the inside of the visor…

CLEANING YOUR VISOR:  The best method is to use warm water with very mild-diluted soap, and to gently rub it with your clean hand.

DRYING YOUR VISOR: use a blow dryer on low heat from distance.


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