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Icaro Jet Cut


Suitable For:

Free-flight aviation sports like hang gliding & paragliding. Extreme-sports such as skydiving, & base jumping.

Colours: Dark Silver or Carbon Optic (pictured)

  • Interchangeable (washable) Internal padding
  • Shell: Fiberglass composite shell
  • Weight: 840 grams (including visor)
  • Made in Italy
  • Airborne Sports Certification E.N. 966
  • All of our Icaro helmets comes with a FREE helmet-bag.
  • Sizes available S M L XL XXL
  • Free visor colours options are: clear, amber, or black. Or choose the mirror-visor for $20 AUD extra.


Hang Gliding and paragliding helmets Sydney AustraliaIcaro 4Fight Helmet Visors
The Jet Cut 4Fight helmet is a low-profile, maximum visibility, & superior open-face protective helmet.  This is a simple and comfortable helmet, with the potential to push-the-limits in your favourite Extreme Sport.

This fiberglass composite open-face shell still covers the ears, keeping them protected and allowing to easily secure a radio-headset in position.

The open-face characteristics of this Icaro helmet provides maximum visibility and awareness.

The helmet visor (choose your colour) that comes free with the helmet is removable. Some pilots always use the visor, some never, and many save the visor for cold-weather flying.   Unlike sunglasses, the visor can be flipped up and away if light rain blurs the lens.

Poliglide is proud to be the sole Australian Icaro helmet importer and representative. Icaro Helmets are committed to providing the ultimate in helmet safety, design, and comfort.


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