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Thorix 130 – Polini


The ThoriX 130 is a stylish, lightweight unit that has an even better power to weight ratio than the 110cc motor that cemented Polini as a PPG front runner.
It boasts a powerful Polini engine featuring advanced technology, with centrifugal clutch and Easy in-flight, one hand starting. Coupled with the Fresh Breeze low attachment point system this unit is in a class of it’s own.



• Small and powerful engine
• Very low maintenance
• Flash Starter
• Unrestricted arm movement
• Low pilot suspension
• Up to 14.5 litre tank
• Centrifugal clutch
• Compact gear box
• Forced fan cooling
• DULV certified

The SportiX is Fresh Breeze’s latest generation of PPG harness systems, featuring low pilot suspension for easy ground handling and super agile flight characteristics.
SportiX innovation combined with the Thor – and the ThoriX is born!

The two stroke Polini engine in the ThoriX is light weight with an excellent power to weight ratio while maintaining maximum thrust.
The many advanced features of this engine make it a top seller.
The new injection moulded case of the Polini Flash Starter reduces the starter effort required by up to 75% allowing for easy, one-handed starting even with the motor on your back or whilst flying and greatly reduces the painful effect of compression kick-back.
The adaptable throttle lever has cruise control and the switches are of high quality stainless steel for long-lasting durability. The throttle lever can be mounted as regular, upside down, left hand or right hand. Please specify your desired throttle position at time of ordering so it is customised from the factory. If you would like more help to determine the pros and cons please contact us.
The enclosed air box ensures only filtered air reaches the motor making this a great choice for those wanting to fly on Australian beaches.
This simple and stylish unit comes standard with a One Ring Cage, to reduce weight, but has the option of choosing a Double Ring Cage for added stability at no extra cost.
The harness has an integrated rescue container which can be mounted on the left or right side. It is built to fit most of the rescue systems on the market.

The ThoriX is available in two differnt sizes 125cm (ThoriX), which offers maximum thrust or 110cm (ThoriX_S) for easier ground handling.


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