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Powered Paragliding (PPG) Pilot Certificate Course


Learn how to paramotor from the school that wrote the Australian Paramotor training syllabus.

The Australian straight through paramotoring course has been a Poliglide project since 2001.

We are pleased to offer you a course which will see you with a certificate that will allow you to fly unsupervised after you are finished with us.



Product Description

This Course is designed specifically for those that know they want to fly a paramotor.

We teach the paragliding part of the syllabus via a combination of ground based wing control lessons and tow launches. World wide, towing is the premier method for teaching paragliding skills for those that wish to move to paramotoring. This method provides a flat, propelled, launch that closely resembles a paramotor launch.

Phase 1- The first stage of the course is focused on Paragliding ground handling, theory and flights. During this time you will become comfortable with controlling the wing, launching, landing and learning the basics of flying a paraglider wing.

We can achieve this in a shorter time frame than the standard paragliding course as we spend each day at the same location and do not waste time driving to different launch sites or depending on the wind. We use our state of the art towing system to teach you, this provides an assisted launch technique that helps to prepare you for the feeling of powered launch. As you do not require ridge soaring skills to gain your paramotor endorsement your time is utilised in building skills toward motor hours instead. (If you decide you would like to also like to have your non-motorised Paragliding Certificate, this can be easily achieved in a PPG-PG Conversion course at another time)

Phase 2- The rest of the course is spent in accumulating Paramotor hours as well as learning about airspace and VHF (air-band radio) transmissions. Currently you need to accumulate 20hrs airtime under our direct supervision. Following this we will connect you with a supervising pilot that will fly with you for your next 10 hours. This part of the course is relatively intense on you as well as our training equipment. Our package deals will help reduce the price on this part of the course, however if you are not ready to buy gear we are happy to hire you ours*

A wheelbased version of this course is also available.

*Gear hire an additional¬†$1000. Subject to availability, T&C’s apply







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