Full Paragliding Certificate Course

Learn to fly solo

Full Paragliding Certificate Course

This is the paragliding course for those wishing to obtain a Paragliding Supervised Certificate accredited by the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia.

This certificate allows you to fly in a club environment without instructor supervision. This course includes all theory and practical skills necessary to fly safely and competently.

We nurture your inner voice and teach you how to manage risks… Your passion is your most valued asset.

All Skill Levels Welcome

We facilitate your learning to read the conditions and perform risk assessments on site prior to each flight or ground handling experience empowering you to enjoy paragliding at your own skill level.

Whether you are an x fighter pilot or come to us with no aviation background we have developed skills to understand where you are at. We have experience teaching 14 to 70 year old men and women, so age and gender should not be a limiting factor.

We include nine days of training which in our experience is ample for more than 99% of people. Most people are able to do the minimum requirements of the supervised certificate in 7 days. The rest of the course is spent on more soaring hours to get you beyond the critical stage and help you settle into the sport. For the ultra quick learners we offer a day to day course deal that cost you as little as 6 days training (HGFA minimum requirement is 6 days). Worth asking us about especially if you have skills already.

Capped Classes – Personal Attention

To improve your rate of learning as well as our safety margins Poliglide’s gives you close attention during your training. Class size is capped for each instructor. A minimum service agreement that has given Poliglide it’s fine reputation for safety and an extremely low accident rate. We understand this is a new endeavor you are embarking on so the more attention you get the more you will pick up and the safer you will feel in potentially the most exhilarating life change you will ever make.
We have structured debriefing sessions at the end of each day where you learn to log your flights , and discuss your learning outcomes. After this important assessment we both gain an understanding for your next set of goals for the days ahead.


A Life changing Experience

Over the years we have helped people not only through the transition of flight certification but simultaneously some of our customers have opened up to us about other life changes they have either experienced before during or after the training.We are aware that facing fears is a broad concept and are happy if you use this course as your catalyst in moving though ‘stages’ in your life. Many have before you.

You’re not a number or a bottom line profit to us. You are important, worthy of attention and become a part of an extended family when you learn to fly.

If you decide to purchase a glider during or at the end of the course we offer a credit note of $400 on all new training gliders as well as extensive specials on all other equipment.

We look forward to meeting you, teaching you how to fly and maybe even learning something from you.

Course Dates & Bookings

If you want to look at the dates we have scheduled in for the up coming season as well as our pricing please just click here.
If your not ready to commit to a full course however are ready to try the sport have a look at our one day or two day courses. Poliglide runs free infomation sessions as well. To register email andrew@poliglide.com.au with your name and number and we will contact you.
If you are unable to find the information you need please email andrew@poliglide.com or call 1800paraglide and we will do our best to give you the information you need to make your decision.

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