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Vitorazzi reliability meets Fresh Breeze ingenuity in this new super light and powerful combination.

Price includes CHT, RPM gauges and Vitorazzi spares box valued at $400.


Vittorazi Atom 80 Motor combined with the expert housing of Fresh Breeze Paramotors

Motor 2 Stroke
CCM 185 ccm
Bore 66 mm
Stroke 54 mm
Cooling Aircooled
Starter Handstarter Soft Starter Systen E-Starter
Clutch yes
Ignition Electronic
Propeller direction of rotation Anticlockwise
EGT max 550 ° C
CHT max 250° C
Fuel 95 Octane with 2,5 % Oil
Milage 3,8-4,2 p/h bei 5600 1/min
Static Thrust 65 kp
Propeller 2 blade 1,25m CfK / GfK
Weight without harness Wirthout E-Starter Pro SportiX 21,8 kg
Weight without harness with E-Starter Pro SportiX 24,5 kg
Power 18,4 kw (25 hp) bei 7800 1/min


Vittorazi say the “light and quiet” PPG engine, the Atom 80, is light on fuel consumption (two litres per hour) but “packs a punch” when it comes to power. At just 10.5kg it’s easy to handle, and Vittorazi say it’s easy to maintain too, making it a good choice for beginners and schools.

A forced-air cooled engine with an oil-bathed helical gear reduction drive and a centrifugal adjustable clutch, it delivers 55kg thrust with a 130cm propeller, or 52kg with a 125cm propeller.

Vittorazi Atom 80


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