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Icaro JET MR


The latest in the 4Fight line, the Icaro JET MR (Manfred Ruhmer) helmet is an Italian designed piece of art constructed for extreme sports athletes.

The favourite helmet of top XC and comp pilots around the world.

Suitable For:

Hang gliding & paragliding competitors. Extreme sports enthusiasts such as skydivers and base jumpers.

  • Interchangeable (washable) Internal padding
  • Shell: Fiberglass composite shell
  • Weight: 840 grams (including visor)
  • Made in Italy
  • Airborne Sports Certification E.N. 966
  • All of our Icaro helmets models come with a FREE helmet-bag


The JET MR Icaro 4Fight helmet is a low-drag, high performance open-helmet.

An evolution of the Jet LT as specifically requested by Manfred Rhumer. The new style of ear covers means less wind noise on glide.

The pointed tail of the helmet has a compartment that could fit a Sonic mini-variometer or even a mini mp3 player.  This open-face, or half-helmet, Icaro model provides free-flight pilots maximum visibility and awareness. Competition pilots appreciate the aerodynamic shape for the high speed final-glide into goal.

The helmet visor (choose your colour) that comes free with this Icaro 4-fight helmet is removable. Some pilots always use the visor, some never, and many save the visor for cold-weather flying.

Poliglide is proud to be the exclusive Australian Icaro helmet importer and distributor. Icaro Helmets are committed to providing the ultimate in helmet safety, design, and comfort


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