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Icaro TZ Paramotor Helmet


Clean lines and Extra light – the polycarbonate shell of the TZ is modelled on the design of the popular hike and fly Transalp helmet.



Shell made of strong polycarbonate
The 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell has the advantage of being very light but very strong.

The Visor (Optional)
3 colors: transparent, tinted brown, mirror.
(attention: the mirror visor is very delicate)


  • Small (cm 56)
  • Medium (cm 58)
  • Large (cm 60)
  • Extra large XL (cm 62)
  • XXL (cm 64)

Interchangeable internal padding
4 internal paddings are adapted to the 4 sizes determined by the wheel regulator situated in the back of the helmet. They can be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces, thus varying the helmet size.
You just choose your own size of ICARO tailored inner helmet lining for a safe, perfectly comfortable head fit….
It can be changed in moments in case a different size is needed.
The important advantage: you can easily remove the padding and replace it with a new one or just wash it.

The advantages of wearing a headset fixed to the helmet

  • the ear cups can be flipped upwards or aside quickly and easily
  • on the ground you can thus hear normally
  • in the air you can ventilate your ears whenever you like

Certification E.N. 966
The TZ model has been tested by the Italian laboratory CSI a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport and recognized by the German TUV.


  • Helmet:  grams 390
  • Visor grams 124
  • Ear defenders Peltor Op II. grams 230   just to filter out engine noise
  • Electronic Headsets with cable: grams 390


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