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Course and Equipment Deal – Super Bonus Special

$8,025 $7,500

  • Great value
  • Latest technology
  • No down time between your learning and going on to enjoy the sport!


This is our Bonus Special for the customer that appreciates value and thinks ahead.**

In this package you will receive your full Supervised Certificate Paragliding Course, a Swing Paraglider and reversible harness as well as a pair of specially designed CRISPI paragliding boots.

Using your own equipment during the course will benefit your future flying. New gear takes time to get used to and gain confidence on. By using your own gear whilst under close instruction, you will leave the course already familiar and comfortable in your own aircraft and equipment.

The Bonus Special includes:

Full Licence Paragliding course – $2150

Swing Reversible Harness $1350

Swing Mito Glider $4150
(Also available with Pegasus 2. The Pegasus 2 is a paragliding AND paramotor wing).
(Upgrade to Miura RS, add $500. Muira RS is an EN-A/B and will be available with paramotor risers)

Crispi Paragliding Boots – $375

To secure your place 50% of the course price is required, then full payment is due 3 weeks prior to the course start date.

**We can offer this discount as it saves wear and tear on our school equipment. This price is not available once you have completed your training.