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Introducing RAST to Tandem flying.

Easy launch   Great climb rate    Smooth landings


For the first time the RAST system is being used for a tandem glider. This has made it possible for our R&D team to utilise the advantages of a larger surface area, and there are marked improvements when it comes to launch behaviour, speed, stability and handling.



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The most important highlights of TWIN RS are:

  • launches in any condition and quasi „by itself“
  • best climb in weak as well as in strong thermals
  • very high final speed with trimmers open
  • smooth-running and precise handling

TWIN RS offers outstanding launch characteristics – and convinces in landing with a good flare

Launch behaviour is one of the absolute highlights of TWIN RS and thanks to RAST technology it is very harmonious and forgiving. Even if the conditions are unfavourable and/or the passenger is hesitant in the launch run-up. Even with maximal load the speed to lift is low which additionally helps in launch run. What is most noticeable is that RAST makes launch behaviour simpler when there is a tailwind or no wind. The canopy no longer orients itself to the slope, as used to be the case, but instead becomes airborne much earlier and almost horizontally.

The same behaviour is the reason why the glider does not show any tendency to lift off the pilot unintentionally in strong winds.

It is no exaggeration to describe the flare characteristics of the TWIN RS as outstanding and they make a gentle landing a piece of cake. Both together – easiest launch and landing characteristics – make every flight with TWIN RS a stress-free pleasure.


Characteristics of TWIN RS in flight


  • Once in the air, you will be impressed by the TWIN RS’s sensational climb rate even when conditions are light. If there is ever any turbulence, RAST ensures extremely high canopy stability and additional safety. This makes the TWIN RS the number one choice for tandem cross-country pilots.


Furthermore, the TWIN RS offers a huge speed range, which makes this glider ideal for use in windy paragliding sites as well (e.g. coastal soaring). The efficient trimmers can be used if necessary to increase the speed of the TWIN RS by well over 10 km/h. Our test pilots recorded a maximum speed of 50 km/h* using a vane sensor during the extensive testing, even with a take-off weight of 180kg. The handling is smooth-running and direct. Our test pilots think it is better than the handling of TWIN 5. The “big ears system” helps ensure a fatigue-free descent if the pilot ever wants to descend rapidly.

Perfecty equipped for being used in professional tandem business

We have given careful thought to the materials used which, along with various technical details ensures that the TWIN RS is not subject to premature wear and tear even in tough professional use. A showy detail is the covering of the leading edge with abrasion-resistant nylon patches which protect the sensitive nose.



Construktive and technical highlights of TWIN RS: 

  • hybrid lightweight construction with high quality internal and selected material mix, to fulfill the requirements of professional demanding tandem paragliding business and at the same time the desire for a lighter wing.
  • 4-lines-technology for maximal control in air.
  • 3D shaping on the leading edge
  • innovative nose patches of honey comb material to protect the nose
  • highest quality standards
  • optimised sail tension
  • constructed using newest calculation and simulation methods
  • brake with gathering at the trailing edge for its agile and excellent turning attribute
  • innovative tandem spreader bar with Easy-Big-Ears-System


Twin RS Details Twin RS Details Twin RS Details
Twin Details width Twin Details Twin Details
Twin Details width Twin Details Twin Details


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