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Top 80 SportiX


If you are looking for the best power to weight ratio motor, with remarkable reliability and proven performance, then look no further – the Fresh Breeze Top 80 SportiX is for you.


The lightweight Top 80cc engine has been added to the Fresh Breeze SportiX Motor Series.

This motor has been tried and proven over many years. Despite many claiming success in this category, nothing compares to the Top 80, in this weight range, in reliability and performance.

The quietness of the motor needs to be heard to be believed.

Fresh Breeze have refined their frame and cage further with new reduced weight components. The basic version now weighs a comfortable 18kg, making this a manageable, lightweight motor suitable for pilots under 80kg.

In addition to the refined frame and cage, the Top 80 also utilises the SportiX pilot suspension system, which compensates for the engine’s negative torque, offering support on take off and landing and allowing for more comfortable, active flying.

The attachment point system can be purchased in three different modes:
SportiX – Fresh Breeze’s low attachment point system, providing free flying weight-shift style of flying with an advance anti-torque system;
CB – comfort bars, a mid to high system which offers superior stability typically more suitable for those that regularly fly in rougher conditions or for those who chose to use paramotoring as a photographic platform; Jettison – the traditional FB set up which allows the motor to be released in the air in case of emergency.

You can choose from 2 harness options:

Harness with integrated reserve container and pocket

Harness in “slimmed-down” design with no pockets and container. This system is more than 1kg lighter and highly recommended.
A Fresh Breeze Front Container can be used with this design.

This system has been approved by the DULV (German Ultralight Verification)


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