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Full Certificate Paragliding Course

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From day one you will get your hands on some gear, getting used to the feel of the harness and the movement of the wing. Progressing as you feel ready, you will move on to low glides and finally to soaring flights. This course gives you all you need to fly within a club environment.




Poliglide is a premium instructional facility where we work hard to ensure your training and instruction is done with professionalism and with care so that you can feel confident and supported as you advance to solo flight. CFI Andrew Polidano has over 19 years of flying experience with thousands of hours of air time and incorporates his university studies in Exercise Science into the training provided. At Poliglide we know the importance of training you at your own pace. We utilise any past experience you have in aviation, and build on it.  We have taught people with no aviation experience, right through to experienced jet fighter pilots… READ MORE..

Skills you will learn during your course include:

  • Lay out and pack up paraglider
  • Pre-flight checks on glider, harness and other equipment
  • Take off skills and techniques in various wind strengths
  • Smooth and accurate Airspeed Control
  • Landing Techniques and approaches
  • Ability to assess flight conditions
  • Rear riser steering
  • Safe use of Speed System
  • Ability to deploy and recover from “Big Ears”
  • Co-ordinated, smooth 180 and 360 degree turns
  • Soaring skills learned at various sites and a minimum of 30 launch and landings




2 reviews for Full Certificate Paragliding Course

  1. Jonathan Francis

    I have just undertaken para gliding at 55 yrs old , so never to late for para gliding !!!
    I researched and ”’attended”’ training at several other schools along the east coast of Australia. Many other learner and experienced pilots also industry suppliers and the sports leaders recommended ”Andrew at POLIGLIDE” para gliding based in the Byron Bay area.
    Andrew and Fiona guided all 5 of us through the 9 day course.
    1 student came from Cairns to the distant north and another from as far as Melbourne to the south. All were recommended POLIGLIDE from previous students and experienced pilots as the best teacher and pilot available for training and after completing the course ”’I AGREE” !!!

    Many great skilled pilots out there teaching para gliding however being a great pilot and a great teacher I discovered is a combination rarely found.

    Our 1st para gliding experience was a tandem flight with Andrew , we were given the opportunity to all fly with a qualified pilot to guide us launch to landing.

    Andrews genuine attention and the energy dedicated to our training , individual and group needs had us all progressively , confidently and safely ridge soaring along the broardwater beach dunes at day 3. Crossing this flying / gravity defying threshold and the experience of controlled flight for the first time was “COOL” and all 5 of us were inspired by Andrews teaching ability. Andrew’s, patience and safety awareness was comforting throughout the course.

    Andrew included a reserve chute repack course , as well as equipment care and maintaince all included. Suggest to Andrew anything that may be missing from ”Everything you need to know about para gliding A-Z ”’ and he will include that to !!!

    All included in the standard course price was beach side cabin accommodation at the quiet beach front town of Lennox Heads .Shared rooms with the other students included all kitchen and laundry needs , TV DVD lounge , bathroom , beach access , pool and walk to a large freshwater lake and private football field etc .
    Enjoyed the privacy and the comfort , freedom , peace and quiet of the free accommodation.

    Also included in our course was a private professional Pilates class . Just part of the overall attention to being flexible , in good spirits and good health to avoid injury during training and as a pilot. It’s the detail that make the difference.

    Check it out , ask around no exaggeration I met many para glider learner pilots and experienced pilots during the 9 day course who had also been to other schools and all commented , learning with Andrew at POLIGLIDE was genuinely far far superior experience than any other schools they and I had previously attended.

    JD Francis Sunshine Coast

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    So happy and grateful for the experience. So much fun and learnt well more than I expected off the boys. Thank you.
    Danny A, WA.

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