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Foot launch Paramotor Certificate Package Deal

$16,550 $16,000

The two most important decisions you will make in this sport is choosing your instructor and your equipment. Our task becomes significantly easier as you learn in the right gear from the beginning. We guarantee to fit you in the right gear, or we will replace it.

This package include a top quality and certified paramotor, paraglider, helmet, radio and boots along with comprehensive motorised paragliding training.

We offer you peace of mind with the equipment we choose with you.  We have a thorough consultations process which we prefer to do in person. The ideal process involves at least a one day introductory course where you get to touch and feel the equipment as well as handle the gear and ask  questions. We also give you flying instruction on the day course. Its important to us that you feel safe and supported with our teaching style. We refund you that days training when you sign up for the package.

Some of the gear will need pre-ordering so we recommend you contact us to get an update on time frames on  non stocked items. We don’t offer this package until you have done the one day introduction course.

Pictured is a customised wing from one of our FNQ customers.


This package is for people that see the significant advantage in owning their own gear from the start. If your aiming to be confident as well as competent once leaving the school environment we believe this is the ideal pathway.

Special reserved places are given to customers that choose this option.  Your early commitment to the sport has further rewards, we can customise courses, limiting numbers when we have group bookings.

Customers that choose this package also qualify for further peace of mind as parts for the gear sold in this package comes out flying with us. You lose less time in the event there is a breakage. We have several repair agents on call that can fix equipment back to safe flying standards as well as new parts for frames/ cages and props in stock.

All new equipment carries a certification/ warranty from a reputable body for the use it was designed for. Vittorassi offer a 2 year warranty on all Moster 185 motors, regardless of the frame it comes in.

When you purchase your gear you save in hire costs. 20 hrs wet hire is valued at 20 x $85 = $1700. You are however responsible for your own fuel and oil costs for your own motor. If the motor is new purchased from us we are on hand to fine tune the motor during the course.  We will loan you another one free if it fails. This way you wont loose any training time.

Poliglide PPG comprehensive packages-

Fresh Breeze Mostix Paramotor (Clutch motor with 2 years warranty)

Fresh Breeze AtomiX 80                                             10 500

Power 2 Fly with Atom 80                                      from (8800)

(please email us as other motors new and used are available on asking, if we have a special online we can include this motor and save you more)

Pegasus 2 paraglider PG/PPG                                                 4150

PPG Course  (12 days)                                                             3600

Icaro helmet and Have-A-Chat comms system                         1025

Icom UHF 41 Pro                                                                       319

Icom IC A16E VHF Radio                                                          399

True North Radio Pouch                                                            150

Ascent Vario                                                                               419

Crispi boots                                                                                375

TOTAL INCLUDED VALUE                                            20,937 Fresh Breeze package discounted to 20,399
TOTAL INCLUDED VALUE                                            19,237 Power 2 Fly Package discounted to 18,700
Basic Packages also Available  

Power 2 Fly with Atom 80                                               from (8800)

Pegasus 2 paraglider PG/PPG                                                 4150

PPG Course  (12 days)                                                             3600

Total                                                                        16,550 discounted to 16,000

If you purchase a basic package we will loan you the head set and coms gear at no charge for the course.








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