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PPG Cross Country Endorsement


This is a course for those ready to take their Paramotoring to the next level!

Expand your flying range

Learn about different weather conditions and navigating safely through them as you journey

Flight planning and airspace awareness

Practice your Out-landing skills to better enjoy the freedom of flight



Skills to be assessed to complete this course include:

  • Pre-flight checks, Receive a pre-flight card.
  • Flight Preparation, including pilot fitness,¬†fuel management and weather assessment
  • Airspace regulation and flight planning
  • VHF Broadcast requirements
  • Safe use of Trim Tabs/Speed System
  • Flying with other aircraft and airstrip protocol
  • Motor safety skills
  • Launch and Landings in various wind strengths
  • Accurate landings with varied approaches
  • Cross Country flight of >25km

Pre-requisites for this Endorsement include:

  • Motorised Endorsement or Powered Paragliding Certificate (Foot or Wheel)
  • HGFA Radio Operator’s Endorsement
  • Clear VHF Communications equipment
  • Navigation Instruments
  • Well serviced Aircraft
  • >20 hours flight time over a minimum of 25 days since completing Foot or Wheeled PPG Pilot Certificate


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