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Wheel Base Endorsement

Wheel Base Training is now available!

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Skills to be assessed to complete this course include:

  • Pre-flight checks: Paramotor, paraglider, wheelbase, lines, trimmers, hand throttle, communications equipment + any other equipment required
  • Flight Preparation, including pilot fitness, fuel management and weather assessment
  • Airspace regulation and flight planning
  • VHF Broadcast requirements
  • Safe use of Trim Tabs/Speed System
  • Flying with other aircraft and airstrip protocol
  • Motor safety skills
  • Launch and Landings in various wind strengths
  • Accurate landings with varied approaches
  • Cross wind and Down wind landings
  • Two flights of >16km, one with out-landing and re-launch

Pre-requisites for this course:

  • Intermediate Paragliding Certificate (this may be obtained during the training)
  • HGFA Radio Operator’s Endorsement
  • >25 hours logged flying time


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