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Poliglide Paragliding and Paramotoring School is currently having a sabbatical from instructing beginners. We are currently working with Paramotor instructors to gain SAFA certification or renew their certificates.



A bit about Andrew

CFI Andrew Polidano has over 25 years and 3500 hours experience. Andrew was the main author of the Paramotor (straight through) Certificate course that has set an international benchmark in paramotor training. He continues to serve on the SAFA as an Examiner Instructor for Powered Paragliding.   He also has a Bachelor Degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Southern Cross University which allows him to bring a broad knowledge base and range of experience to his training.

Andrew continues to fly paragliders and paramotors recreationally and is passionate about seeing others confidently enjoy the sport of paragliding and paramotoring. Andrew is also perusing 3 axis flying which is expanding his flying portfolio.

Andrew Polidano enjoying a sunset flight in the Poliglide wing

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