Foreign Certificate Conversion

Establish your flying credentials in Australia

Foreign Certificate Conversion


What level certificate do you get?

Depending on the standards in the country you have gained your paragliding experience and how they match ours.

What should you bring?

Bring any documentation including log books and membership cards. An IPPI card will be of great help as it offers an internationally recognised system that we can directly relate to the Australia Federations system.
If you don’t have anything to show us, please still come and get an assessment.
If you have equipment please bring it as well. We are required to do a simple check of your gear in order to assess it’s suitability.

How much will it cost?

Most of the time we can offer an accurate assessment in time and money over the phone or email. The rate is based on the refresher course.

What is involved?

It is a requirement that you complete the theory exam for that certificate level you wish you attain. It is a 80 question multiple choice questionnaire in English. If English is not your first language we can explain the questions and help you go through it. Most of the flight rules are based on international standards. We will need to perform a check flight as well. For tandem and instructor certificates there are further requirements set out by the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia.. Contact us and we can help you determine these or contact the HGFA directly.

Why bother?

Australia has specific standards that you need to know in order to comply with our public liability insurance. Specifically airspace rules differ from country to country. Infringements may lead to fines and or imprisonment. It’s better to gain this information and avoid problems. Flying uninsured could affect you length of stay in Australia as well as you ability to return to the country.

More questions?

Please shoot us an email or leave us some feedback on this page. We will add you question and offer an answer if it will help others.

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