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Has it been a while since you have flown and you would like some professional guidance to get you back in the air with confidence?

We would like to customise a program for you. We can include some or all of the following depending on your needs. We can assess your situation either over the phone or in your first session.

– Address any anxiety related to past flying incidents or accidents
– Test hang in our simulator to refine or refresh your take off / landing techniques and to re adjust your harness
– Assistance with paperwork to get your HGFA Membership up to date including check flight
– Assistance in transferring your membership from overseas qualifications to an Australia certificate
– Coaching on any specific areas we agree you could be strengthened in
– Ground handling practice to re-familiarise you with the wing and assist in your confidence on launch
– Launch / Landing site evaluation prior to flying
– Radio supervised flying
– Debrief after flying


Gear is available to hire for the course if required and accommodation packages can also be made up to suit your needs.


1 review for Refresher Course

  1. Steve R

    It has been a while since I did the full course with Poliglide (4 years actually), and getting back into flying again after a long break is challenging.

    As a busy professional working weekdays and travelling interstate and internationally, its difficult to set aside the time to devote to flying, but when you do, its worth it. Its important to get refreshed in the basics again and the Refresher Course is a must for anyone out of the sport for an extended time. The Poliglide course is great because its so flexible and Andrew is always willing to tailor the training to your requirements.

    Starting with basic Ground Handling, pretty soon the training memory returns and its on the brakes, pitch control and transitions forward and reverse at will.
    Soon I’ll be climbing off launch on my way to 1000ft.
    I recommend this refresher to anyone out of the sport for a while who wants to get back into the sky.

    Thanks Poliglide.

    • Andrew

      Hi Steve. Glad your back on board. Perfect time of the year to get refreshed as well. You picked it back up really fast considering the length of time you have been away from flying. It was a good idea coupling this refresher training with a towing endorsement. I’m looking forward to our next session. Andrew

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