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Connect Race Harness



Aerodynamics and features

  • aerodynamic back lining, which attaches directly to second front reserve with integrated cockpit the pilot’s back / shoulders
  • integrated removable cockpit with neoprene Deuter hydration system instrument cover
  • cockpit with spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • space for 5 litres of ballast under the seat board
  • space for 5 litres of ballast in the cockpit
  • provision for a 3 litre hydration system from Deuter
  • fitted ergonomic seat gives good contact and system -size L- feeling for the glider
  • two large side pockets and also a smaller pocket carbon-seat board for radio or camera
  • soft Velcro on the shoulder straps for small material instruments
  • provision for hand warmer system
  • speed bag with outlet for water ballast + urine tube
  • speed bag with smart attachment points to relieve
  • left and right-handed models, deployment handle

Practicalities and comfort

  • speed bag, adjustable length and angle
  • smooth acceleration system
  • comfortable, ergonomic back section with mesh LTF-certification with 12cm foam-protector insert for improved ventilation
  • adjustable chest-shoulder straps and back support with markings to show recommended standard pilot position
  • easy access, neat closure with magnet catch

Optional accessories

  • second front reserve with integrated cockpit
  • Deuter hydration system
  • speed-vest for improved aerodynamics and protection against wind and cold
  • ballast container with tube
  • ratchet pulleys to reduce speed bar pressure
  • quick-out carabiner can be mounted

Materials and specifications

  • weight: 5.5 kg, including carabiners and speed system -size L-
  • strong yet light materials
  • carbon-seat board
  • sleek speed bag made from insulating softshell material
  • light-weight, practical buckles
  • carabiner-seat distance M 44.5cm, L 47cm, XL 49.5cm

Safety and certification

  • provision for second integrated reserve in cockpit easy-to-operate, neat and safe Get Up closure system -cockpit cannot be closed without chest and leg strap
  • LTF-certification with 12cm foam-protector
  • optional side protection

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