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Risk and Reward DVD


You will watch Risk & Reward again and again!

This valuable resource will refresh your memory and refine your skills.


This DVD has fast become the bench mark in Motorised Paragliding training tools in the english speaking world. It has unanimously been accepted in Australia and is a part of Poliglide’s motorised training program.

After years of research and gathering video of motorised paragliding from around the world, Risk and Reward quickly became the DVD to watch for motoring, and now the updated addition is here!

A must for all motorised paraglider pilots, beginner and advanced, this DVD covers fundamentals that are certain to save wear and tear on your equipment, your body, and your wallet.

Jammed into 70 action packed minutes, Risk and Reward covers everything from getting starting in Powered Paragliding to the 4 most common causes of injury and more importantly how to avoid them!


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